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About Us

AGORA was the central square of the ancient Greek polis. The place where all people gathered to decide upon the future of the town. The place, where delegations were accepted and armies are sent to battle. This square was also the favourite place of politicians, traders, actors and idlers.

AGORA was the heart of the town, receiving and emanating messages.

AGORA is the grandparent of the modern extra integrated informational environment.

Our agency was founded at the end of 1991. We are one of the oldest private advertising companies in Bulgaria. To present day we have gained the cheap ralph lauren polo reputation of a major full service advertising agency. We take pride in dealing efficiently with any challenge presented by our Clients. To do that, we have a united team of professionals that have a history of successful projects.

No long mission statements, our philosophy is very simple: To satisfy our CLIENTS through consistent QUALITY, creative IDEAS and profitable RESULTS.

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